10:03 PM


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I sit and stare at less than life
Staring up into the opacity
And beams to support this structure
Lighted lamp posts on the inside
Critters on the wall
Cells and cells
Columned windows to less than life
Images only
Not to smell or taste or to tough
Only to stare at
From three feet of space
The same as thousands of miles away
To wrinkle land
But still only to watch
Only to stare
Windows only highlight my prison
But I am caught in the dream of it all
Give hours to nothing
At least I can see you
Staring up into your opacity
Seeking ventilation like air you help me breath fake air
Give me a place to dream to
With beams to support this structure
Cue the violins
Sometimes I can hear
Like escaping footsteps through wrinkled land
When I sit, still
And stare at nothing

12:30 AM

Cool Meet Lonely

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To shoot by love

Since some girl taught me

I can’t choose my love

So I take my watch off

The light still on

Alarm don’t ring

I set on snooze

No charms, no rings

I’m dead on cool

If she don’t concede, she can leave




Somebody tell me that I’m right

Come on


I been goin at it like this too long to be wrong

The time I’ve lost, cannot be re-won

Cannot re-wound

Cannot rebound-ed

U-cate me on how

I’m supposed to be better than I was,

Right now

When what don’t move

Only makes me refuse to budge


Look, I ain’t that used to love


So grudge if you want,

Cause we broke off salty

A couple showers always got your smells off me


But the tears that leave the taste the longest

End up being the bitter ones

So I always feel more acquitted than a quitter

And if you ask me

My way makes sense

Even saves a dollar

Man that’s 2 for 1


Only time I doubt

Is when we get done and she ain’t out

Like she might as well be

Haven’t met anybody I wasn’t willing to give up on

So I get a little jaded with the old love songs

I'm unfinished

10:16 PM

The Show

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Just returned from the #Annual Fall Fest (greek step show).  It was a good show, my last show as a student actually. There was a young lady there that I know. She's physically beautiful. I don't know her heart or mind yet so I reserve unbrideled praise of her 'beauty'.  My advisor made a comment the other day about how I short-change myself socially. For whatever reason, I'm not getting out there enough. Lesson Maybe

While balancing ambitions destined for years into tomorrow, establishing clear lines of priority have meant making some sacrifices. My hope is that while I may be losing out on some experiences, I am gaining a greater foothold on my dreams. It gets tough. Not having a car doesn't make it any easier to break out when there's have a spare moment either. So it may look nice, but the pay off only trickles in at first. 

7:54 PM

Inaugural Skirmish

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I'll jog first. My purpose in creating this blog started off rather selfishly. I think now though, that it may prove helpful, at least entertaining for you too. Rather than a peeved journal, or specialized hitlist, my aim is set "Publish Post" squarely on inspiration. Let's leave it up there and not confine this post to any specific genre. Whatever passion, whichever river flows  through thoroughly will be channeled and posted. Here's a poem that came while I was in a 12-passenger van with a few college mates on my way to a conference. It's titled, 

 “The Sun Shines on American Me”

Sun in my eyes, I am America

I smell freedom

I hear justice

I have tasted tear-laden honey

I have felt the heavy hand on my shoulder

I walk on blades of glass

I run the risk

A singular article to follow us

This in my chant

This is my compass

This is my compassion.

A song

A psalm

A prayer to the heavens

Sun in my eyes, I am America