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And just like that
I knew
It couldn't be you
Me, what was that
thing I learned about
I was looking at
flashing lights
In the sky
Then the street
On the line in between
flashing lights
I can't be all of me
Some of it I'd have to leave
at the door
before I could be sure
you'd be happy with
all you see
Just like that

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she Loves Everybody

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CHESTER french

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.taller de Arquitectura

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Maybe, my favorite architect right now

I've always been fascinated with lines, especially curved ones. I remember wanting to travel so I could see new buildings. I'd look around for the signature building in the city like, 'where is THE building here' and feeling dissappointed when there wasn't a strong champ. "Boooo" I'd think to myself.

Bofill.'s mix of old white with new glass and the way the archs run with perspective in the Corso are (insert word just short of beautiful).
Bofill.'s site has touch too.

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So Far, So Interesting

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M r . H u d s o n

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In Dean's Office

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Nov. 21, 2008 (3:21pm)

I await a meeting concerning
representation of my college
in the President's box on
the gameday of my school's
biggest rivalry
I sit, confident
This is not the first time
I've been given the opportunity
to thank donors personally
It's an honor
that I hope to see other
MISTERs take on 'pon
my departure
I write this like the
blog I intend it for
textual to digital
The current of time
changes the way the 'same' looks
Today's scholar is as much 
the scholar of yesterday
but for today
The image thereof is
transformed in reference
but normalized in present
-what is this flicker in my

[Enter Dean}

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Coming Soon

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8 0 8 s &  H e a r t b r e a k 

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Polite Rebellion

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Perhaps the most significant event to be held in the name of diversity on Clemson's campus was sponsored by the Clemson Conservatives. I don't say this in sarcasm or jest but sincerity. I'm speaking of an event that has not left my memory since its impression. They sponsored a speaker whose name I have ,however, forgotten. The forum centered on the disadvantages of multiculturalism and diversity. Suffice it to say that upon prior research I learned that the speaker's personal relationships had been found in company of those of the radical racial sort. Expectations aside, he more or less gave a 30 minute speech espousing the virtues of segregation. George Wallace might have been proud. The question-answer portion of the event included attendees submitting questions into a pot to be screened by members of the Clemson Conservatives group. I was shocked to discern the discretion taken in choosing the questions as evidenced in the questions cleared to the speaker. Never before had I felt so hushed. Reader, I cannot express the paradox this puts a mind both passionate and rational into. A few others saw their passion win over. One was nearly escorted out. It only hurt their opposing arguement, of course.
At the close of question-answer portion, the police proceeded down the isles of the Vickery auditorium as the speaker said he would be available for questions after the event closed. I went down to them. My brief moment there was not as interesting as the conversation I had with the man outside of the building. In short, he attempted to make a case for how slavery was better for African Americans than would freedom have been. I left the conversation and occassion invigorated. I have since been to several diversity training sessions, multiculturalism-centered events, and served a term as the Undergraduate Student Government Council on Diversity Affairs Director. I have yet to experience an event as edifying as that night some two years ago now. Never before have I been in the company of such well behaved racists, white or black. Never since have I been in a setting that allowed an opinion so socially austricized to be expressed without incident. There was judgement on both sides but there was no coarse objectification or bawdy attack. It was all handled. In it's own way even, it was handled fairly. So rarely is such view given public forum. The irony of diversity is that for it to be accurately manifest, it make room for those who would see it discredited and done away with. Anything other than is a burlesque diversity. Above all, I will never forget the sincere, polite young man as he tried to express to me that my people had not been so great. That we had not made such a great impact on the nation or the world. That we, in comparason to his people, were indeed less than. That I, in comparason to him, was less than. It was not my fault. It just was. He needed to say that. I could hear the moisture in his throat as he spake it. A momento he had kept. He shared this with me. And in polite rebellion. I said nay.

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Polite Rebellion

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I thought it might be over before it was announced

The state of affairs would have made for the most wonderful comeback story
It would have been a truly historic victory
The headlines would read
"America not for Sale"
"American Maverick"
"Thank You, My Friends"
The speech would have been that of America
and our dreams
and our enduring spirit
and our resolve to succeed no matter the odds
What a story
What a speech
What a president
It would have been
My tears well
My fears do too
What will happen now?
The cheers aren't so loud here
Thank God
But I know they'll come
The irony of racial abuse is that
The other side of the coin is rarely considered
I have not committed my father's sins
But am made to pay for them
Even in my polite rebellion
Yes, this is a historic event
But is that all it is?
Must I celebrate?
I don't agree with what he represents
Not because of the color of his skin
But because of the questionable content of his character
Can you tell me who he is?
Can you tell me who his friends are?
Can you tell me what decisions he's made?
Can you tell me how he's served our country?
Can you tell me what important impact he's made in our country in the past?
Not just for one group, but for our country?
Everyone seemed so ready to celebrate one dimension of him
Hurray, he's black
What else is he?
I hope 52% of America can answer that question sufficiently
I can't help but feel rollercoastered
This has been an incredibly emotional season
I wish his race had not been such a big factor
Such a point of emphasis
I wonder
If the results would have been different
Had America emphasized something else
Had America sought to write something more on their ballot
Had America pointed to something other than history
And given its maverick
Another opportunity to serve
To put Country
Before History

"Sen. Obama has achieved a great thing for himself and for his country.  I applaud him for it.  Whatever our differences, we are fellow Americans.  It is natural, tonight, to feel some disappointment. But tomorrow, we must move beyond it and work together to get our country moving again." 
-Sen. John McCain

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Polite Rebellion

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Yes We Can!"
went the crowds where I stood
"Keep it down"
said the cop
As if doing us a favor in not calling some higher authority
and reporting our unruly celebration
"Keep it down"
Not five minutes into one of my most deeply manifested smiles
I hear this warning
From this 
with a belly
and chew
How I wish he had not been
the stereotypical image that I might have imagined
but he was 
and there he stood, his ground
but it was mine too
I too, stand here
and I won't keep me down
I sing
In polite rebellion

"As Lincoln said to a nation far more divided than ours, "We are not enemies, but friends... though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection." And to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn - I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices, I need your help, and I will be your President too."
-President-Elect Barack Obama

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Sword in the Stone

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I know a tree
It is red
And the truth
Of it's life
Is only found
In it's death
Where light
Meets drought
Meets cold
It bleeds
This confession
With remarkable presence
And the bare naked limbs abound
Bleeds down to it's soul
Till it too stands
Upon solemn ground

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Define: Self-Interest?

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I am a witness

This moment will be marked
I can look into the eyes of my students
Black students, white students, yellow students
and tell them
In America,
You can do anything
You can be anything
From a beggar
To the President
With work
With heart
With ambition
There was only faith
There is proof