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Quiet on the Eastern Front

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While it may seem like this blog has gone quietly into the Yan, I assure younit hasn't. Over the last two months I've developed and maintained a separate blog with WordPress (GASP) to chronical my journey on this Fulbright to Indonesia. I'm teaching now and things have settled since the move around sparked by the Earthquake in Padang, my original site. Most of the people reading my WordPress are friends but there are some potential employers and students reading and so despite my best efforts, full disclosure seems unwise. So, I think I'll return here for the nittier prose and qualms.
Hey, um looking very seriously into getting that MBP 2.66 now. Since they change their configurations, the descreet graphics card is only a 256 for the GT, but at this point, the savings will aptly constitute the compromise. The question is: do I want to get the 2.8/512 spc and live with only $450 for two months (including a trip to Bali) or get the 2.66/256 spec and live with $950 for two months (including the trip to Bali). I'll take the 2.66. I want to be able to travel to Bali and Monado between December and February. I dreamed of beautiful beaches last night. I saw friends from te states there (Tahiti) and it really got me looking forward to te possibilities available with $950 to spare. This is kinda tough for me as I usually like having the best of __ if I can. I'll get over it this time. And hey, maybe I'll stumble upon an older 2.66/512 floating in the wild. You never know.

Glad to be back.