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Jonze and Ye

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ASUS P5GC-MX - motherboard - micro ATX - i945GC specs and Motherboard specifications - CNET Reviews
Got my main hardrive from home here. Now I'm trying to make it work with this slower system. For some reason it will read my primary c-drive (160GB) but not my secondary d-drive (500GB). The d is where I stored all of music and the bulk of my other media.

4:16 AM

To the Mattresses

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With it's latest round of ads, Apple shows it's going to take the back talk lying down.

Apple iPhone Ad - What Time's The Movie? from Arik Hesseldahl on Vimeo.

10:44 PM

what will they Think of NEXT?

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11:29 AM

Google Chrome OS

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9:29 PM

Quiet on the Eastern Front

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While it may seem like this blog has gone quietly into the Yan, I assure younit hasn't. Over the last two months I've developed and maintained a separate blog with WordPress (GASP) to chronical my journey on this Fulbright to Indonesia. I'm teaching now and things have settled since the move around sparked by the Earthquake in Padang, my original site. Most of the people reading my WordPress are friends but there are some potential employers and students reading and so despite my best efforts, full disclosure seems unwise. So, I think I'll return here for the nittier prose and qualms.
Hey, um looking very seriously into getting that MBP 2.66 now. Since they change their configurations, the descreet graphics card is only a 256 for the GT, but at this point, the savings will aptly constitute the compromise. The question is: do I want to get the 2.8/512 spc and live with only $450 for two months (including a trip to Bali) or get the 2.66/256 spec and live with $950 for two months (including the trip to Bali). I'll take the 2.66. I want to be able to travel to Bali and Monado between December and February. I dreamed of beautiful beaches last night. I saw friends from te states there (Tahiti) and it really got me looking forward to te possibilities available with $950 to spare. This is kinda tough for me as I usually like having the best of __ if I can. I'll get over it this time. And hey, maybe I'll stumble upon an older 2.66/512 floating in the wild. You never know.

Glad to be back.

11:47 AM

Love Food, Can't Wait for New Tastes

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11:06 AM

Rooms with a View

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1:17 AM

Jay Elec

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12:49 AM

Feel Bad for Tyson

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10:43 AM

Lectro Ahhhhh

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So Didddy & Felix Da Housecat just released a mixtape that's supposed to prepare people for Last Train to Paris. Loaded it and gave it a listen...huuuhhhhhhh.....not so much. I like what I've heard via YouTube and Making His Band but this tape.....is not me. Still looking forward to Last Train to Paris

3:36 PM

A Quote

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Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are.

Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two.
- Captain Corelli's Mandolin

3:20 PM

Sat 08-15

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A friend called this morning. The ring woke me up and the conversation reminded me of the value of fellowship. I need to be calling folks up, staying in touch. Especially now as I embark for such a long time.

I think I'm going to polish off the rest of Outliers, finish the application. There's a long drive coming up tomorrow and I need to be ready. I'm ready to get this stuff off my bed so I don't have to sleep on the couch too. I have everything now except the laptop. Gonna send an email and see if reinforcements are coming.

3:20 PM

Nother Heartless Cover

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In the Sand

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Nothing Special for Today

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Just waiting to hear about the visa. At this point, I'll have to red-eye to DC to file it. Hakuna Matata

12:24 AM

Out of This

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I just finished watching the movie, "Out of Africa". I've heard of it, maybe. There was nothing else that seemed as potentially interesting so I gave it a shot. It had Meryl and Redford in it. I trust their acting. It took me a good half hour to get over the subjugation of British occupation. I didn't even like the characters Meryl and Red included because of it. No matter how nice she was or how pleased her servant(s) looked to be it could erase the fact that she was living in this house and they were not. Just couldn't let it go for a while as they attempted to create little Britain in wild Africa. I began to take interest after Red took Meryl away from the quarrel scene at the party. She thought the African children should be taught how to read. Red offered that they had a language. Meryl took this as saying Red believed they were better off ignorant- to which Red sharply replied, "They're not ignorant. I just don't want to turn them into little Englishmen." Hmmm...I thought to myself. There's a question. Which is the freedom fighter there. Well, both and neither. The presence of their is an automatic disqualifier so neither it is. Then he took her out on safari. While I feel somewhat sorry for the lions, the love dynamic there was interesting. He leaves, he returns, he leaves, returns. Then she asks that he doesn't mind being with a married woman. I don't recall it being specifically a 'why' question. Not sure that answer would have surrendered any greater understanding anyway.

They finally get into the subject more deeply in front of the fire another night. Red espouses to believe that marriage will not legitimize their relationship anymore in his heart than it already is. Meryl wants the security that having someone (and in fact something provides. This is explored earlier in the film). Red has his mind made up. He says he's not interested in another woman but does like his space from her even from time to time. (I almost wrote from time to tim...HAHAHAHAHHHH...CLEARS THroat..........). Despite her great "love" for him, she decides that the situation as is does not suit her. She gives him an ultimatum which spells his eviction notice. This conversation though, I was enthralled in it. I've had something like it before but never quite that heavily. I've never loved the person I had it with. I could really connect with what Red was saying but I've also heard Meryl's voice.

This matrix for love reminds me of something Muta Baruka was saying about how Rasta tried to appreciate Selassie through a Christian mindset because it was what they knew. So instead of simply supreme he became super nature as they affixed greater titles upon him summoned from biblical text. They did so because it was where their understanding came from. One cannot catalog something for which they have no taxonomic code. So, Selassie became God and Love is spelled like this.

I caught a scathing email the other night/morning. It hit fairly hard at first. Then I considered and felt better about what was also being said. I asked my best friend who'd been in a similar position and she suggested the best response might be a response. I thought a second (maybe two) and said no. I decided to be patient and faithful that the thing that the best would be. Maybe this is only first half an hour of an epic. I'm not sure. My faith tells me what it always does though, Hakuna Matata. The best will be.

pardon any imperfections in my reflection

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In Examining

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my posting patterns, it seems at best I'm a musician and at worst, a rebel. Following my musicianship is my wandering spirit. Then you have my scholarship, my designer chops, and later the lover in me. Love is fifth. The sixth, comedy. I'm not...I'm pretty sure....I would not have chosen this arrangement if you'd laid out the options ahead of time and asked me to arrange them in order of relevance. Maybe many of the songs are about love. Let's see....haha nope. Maybe half to 40% of the songs deal with love. hm. information

let's tag this under theBoy for good measure

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Dwele Love

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I want one place to find this song easily. Never released

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Exposure to New Thought

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In order to sharpen my own understanding and grow, I expose myself to new ideas.

There's a great explanation of life and death in video three amongst other ideas.

3:42 AM

Trying iMeem

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You'll notice the new widget to the left.

Happy to be able to share

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Funniest Apple Product Intro

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From a design standpoint the G4 was a breakthrough. The computer had a personality and the presentation had punch. "We said Yes!"

5:51 PM

Just to

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Thought this was funny considering the relationship as it is today. The closing speech says what apple was about back then!

thanks Gizmodo for posting this

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CRAZY!!!! What has been done about this?

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by Valerie Caesar

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Jay-Z BP3 Cover

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1. What We Talking About (Produced by Kanye West)
2. D.O.A. (Produced by No I.D.)
3. Weigh Me Down Feat. Kid Cudi (Produced by Kanye West)
4. Unforgiven (Produced by Kanye West, Additional Production: MGMT)
5. Run This Town Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West (Produced by Kanye West)
6. Empire State of Mind
Feat. Nas (Produced by Kanye West & No I.D.)
7. When It Comes To This (Produced by Timbaland)
8. Always Feat. Drake (Produced by Kanye West)
9. Scenes From The Past (Produced by No I.D., Co-produced by Kanye West)
10. Everyday A Star Is Born Feat. Mr. Hudson (Produced by Kanye West)
11. Already Home (Produced by Kanye West)
12. Forever Young Feat. Mr. Hudson (Produced by Kanye West)
13. Thank You (Produced by No I.D.)

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Morning Music: The Chill

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Love & Money in the US

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Last Train Preview, Go Dawn

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Windows and Doors: Solutions

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"Noticing your five-year-old laptop can still suffice for much of what you do isn't the same as product design. Netbooks still face the problems of how to be lightweight and compact while providing sufficient input options (no one likes undersized keyboards), displays, battery life, and so on. Ultimately, just the "same but less" formula isn't a good enough solution.

For the answer, don't look to Microsoft. It still hasn't figured this out on phones. Witness how Windows Mobile always tried to jam the Windows desktop interface into a phone's tiny screen. Just goes to show that Microsoft is stuck selling Windows, not solutions. Microsoft execs think of Windows as a hammer, and everywhere around them are nails."

This is an excerpt from a great article by Dan Turner of PC World


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Like this one too

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From Site

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Loading the pictures from my site this summer. I ran across this one and was reminded how much I just love this picture.

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Kanye Quote

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Tron Legacy Trailer

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Newest (partial) Playlist

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full playlist includes
Track #6 Drake "Sooner Than Later"
Track #8 Wale "Rather Be With You"
Track #11 N.E.R.D. & Cody Chestnut "Give My Sex A Chance"

1:09 AM

I Make Some Bomb Playlists

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This one is almost a year old & still super strong

12:30 PM

iQ Font

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Considering real life

I aught to be happy to go to sleep
But that would be dishonest of me
This day has been beautiful
I guess that means
Beauty is not devoid of its ugliness
Like the little-known golfer
At the well known tournment
I have walked the hills and green
The rough and well trodden
Well behind and ahead notice
I have loved this way
I have loved this path
Even before I knew it
It's beauty was there
Ugly, beautiful, and best of all
honest with me
While walking this course
it has walked my heart and mind
like a sower

This I have harvested
We are all deeply beautiful
which has also to do with how ugly we are
To flee from this truth is to flee from the beauty of life
We are allowed to be, truly
Life is not ours
to give or to take
We are barely stewards
How & ever
Living is of our own making
Live in truth
and you will live a real life

2:06 AM

Nicolas Evariste Dark Zoo

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4:08 PM

Shawn Chrystopher Session #1

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3:57 PM

IllDoc Says It Best

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8:14 PM

Growing Up

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I just said pax to a very good friend. Our journey has been an awesome one. So special, I refused to see it end as a product of our break-up. Following days proved challenging and as things panned out, I wondered whether I had handled it with maturity. I experienced a similar outcome a few years ago. Back then I chose dishonesty. This time I was honest and had the same outcome. I worried/thought. The truth is always the best option despite the penalties. If truth is indeed the most important thing to me, I must subscribe to it no matter the consequences and assume that they can never outweigh the benefits self evident or not.

In due time. We shall resume our friendship. For now, I live & look forward

9:48 PM

in Art, of Light

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12:53 PM

Come (Back) to Work

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Like the last few minutes of half-time, work to be done calls. I have some things to work on. Gotta wrap up the next three weeks making smarter management, financial, social, and personal decisions. I haven't gotten the go ahead from the program.I think, in my nervousness, I've sought positive behaviors to put me at ease concerning this waiting period. I'm back to reading, calling friends, laying out in the grass, mixing up my days, taking pictures, tweeting, etc. It's been good

Now though, it's time to whip out the calendar, the browser, and the phone and go to work. In the words of P.Twiddy "Let's Go!"

the track on the "Last Train to Paris" homepage is shaping up nicely. It's been evolving slowly.

11:07 PM


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This movie is so special to me now. I love the story and will find a way to get it on my phone so I can carry it around.

9:52 PM

Distant Relative

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"The fool stares at the finger that points to the sky"


11:36 PM

HawthoRNe & Who/What?

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Just finished watching HawthoRNe (online). It was alright. I think there are really workable plot points. It'll have to work things out a bit more though. The pilot felt like they tried to fit a lot of information and make you care about a lot of people at once.

The music has me thinking about a few things. I'm listening to AKeys "Lesson Learned" now. I think I burn myself. A friend came by and told me I might be stifling my co-workers in my pursuit of perfection for them. Ahhhh, there's the rub-"for them". Hmmmn

I got an email from the Indo correspondent that said the first 21 ETAs got their letters so they can begin their Visa applications. She made it sound like they knew who they were. I guess I'm not one. Maybe it's because my last name starts with a W. Played ball today. No W there. My defense is sharper but my shooting is still off during the game. In the shoot-around afterward, wet. During the game, brick city. Not sure why. I stayed about an hour after just working on the wrist action and penetration.

I'm on my way to the other side of the earth if all goes well. I go alone it seems. I was looking at a previous ETA's pictures. I think this experience is made to be. I thank God for his mercy and grace. Life is awesome. Even if I'm not happy, I'm glad others are happy and growing.

I get a lot of pats on the back. Expectations seems high. I wonder sometimes. I wonder a lot. I'm not wandering. I'm moving in a definite direction. Ha! But, I guess wandering and moving in a definite direction aren't easily distinguishable from the outside.

I wrote today. The key to academic intelligence is understanding relationships. The key to social intelligence is understanding value. Seem backwards? It's not. I think it's a glimmer of the brilliance God has promised. I am not destined for greatness for my own sake. I don't even think it'll manifest in a way socially acceptable or recognizable. It is greatness for God. I realize that I'm a vessel no more sacred than a vase. It's God's spirit and purpose breathing through my lungs and out that generate the power. POWER!

2:27 PM

Heckler vs. the Pro

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Posted by Student/Teacher |

This morning I drove some guys to the airport. On the way up we listened to Drake. I thought we were going to be late. I stopped by a Starbucks on the way back and realized why the caramel crap was a best seller. As I drove back, I decided to seize the opportunity to preview the Radiohead music I had just bought. It also began to rain. The music was so perfect for the ocassion. I tried to describe it to myself and after several trials, I decided on this. Andre 3000 and Paul McCartney had a love child that fell in love with Hendrix's music at a Glastonbury while tripping on acid and vowed to bend more laws. That's a rough interpretation. The drive back was an awesome experience. Words flowed from me. I recorded some, memorized others. I can only make out about 10% of what is being said. I think the lyrics operate best as both poetic accompaniment to be read and enjoyed as well as an accessory instrument. I'm listening to Kid A and two tracks from In Rainbows. My favorite songs right now are Nude & Kid A. I look forward to what spills.

Enjoy Father's day

10:50 PM

Lady Heartless

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I really wish I could hear her cover the whole song. Her rendition is so strong it could very well be her song.

Impromptu Extension

I dig this song but didn't when I first heard it. Mostly, I dug it because it was a leak. I dug that. Seemed like Kanye was really wanting people to hear his music. Never mind the sales for the time being; he wanted you to hear the music, unfinished. I think part of the reason that I didn't like it is because I didn't agree with the delivery. I think the song has the wrenching sound in the chorus break but still, the song feels rushed for the feeling it evokes in me. I think this Lady Gaga take is the way my heart feels it. Slowly, like a sobering thought.

I don't think I've ever really had this feeling though. The scenario is not native to my own heart but I have experienced it through others.

It's a sobering thought.

I've noticed a pattern in my relationships. The cycle began in college. Not sure if its emotional immaturity, impatience or ____. I've met some great young women. People I respect, admire, and genuinely care about.

Ummi said once that just because two people are good doesn't mean they are good for each other. She spoke wisdom to me. A wisdom beyond me but welcoming.

Perhaps hearts need fear. Maybe it's like reason's fire alarm. I asked her to put away her fears. Then, I set a fire.

I am sorry. I am not hearless.

11:58 AM


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I desire a soft spot to sit under this tree I know. Some fresh air would do well enough. A hug or some reassurance that life is going as scheduled would be warm and welcome. I saw a tree once in Georgia on my father's land. It was away and off in the distance. I thought it was beautiful and often would pause on the red and rocky road to gaze at it over there. I like the tree but it made me feel sad. The land was hilly and rolled into the woods. The tree lining was sparse and especially so near this one. It stood triumphantly and alone. Perhaps it was peric victory.

9:41 PM

After WWDC

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it came
it's on it's way out
I'm appeased but not especially happy
I guess I keep waiting for another event like MacWorld 2007
........perhaps another day
and maybe i should just
let Apple do Apple without the expectation
I think I will

One More Thing...

12:34 AM


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With the Pre launched, E3 buzz fizzling out, and CES out of the way, all eyes turn to WWDC.

Will we see new iPhone hardware? What are the remaining features to be debuted in iPhone Software 3.0? Is Snow Leopard a strong enough upgrade to go head to head with the heralded Windows 7? How is Steve? The anticipation and speculation has thoroughly stewed. The stage is set.

Spotlight: Apple

6:08 PM


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hol up a sekin,
Holup A Sekin.......

This dude said, "I know we facin' a recession but the music yall making gone make it a great depression."


"Pull your skirt down. Grow a set man."


5:02 PM

Google Wave

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I did some poking around and learned about the Google Wave project. It sounds super interesting and makes more all the more curious about what the culture at Google must be like.


3:55 PM

Pre (mature)?

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I've heard great (good) things about the Palm Pre. Most of the praise centers around the OS. The new iPhone hardware and software is likely to be announched Monday. So, I reserve further comment till all the cards are on the table.

7:32 PM

Further Researched

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Great day
Did more research. Actually found a shop that sells the MLC. Not the dawn, though. Wanted to go play with the G10 at the local Best Buy, but they weren't helpin' out.
Great day anyway
So far, the tally is good. I have a J. Crew and a place to buy the backpack. I can always order the cam online.

Yo, after posting yesterday I did some more Mr. Hudson digging on youTube and I recommend a listen to his 2007 album. Good stuff. I might purchase it...when I get some money. I need to stop using this credit card. Not over balance or anything, I just don't like using it. Today, I bought a movie ticket with it. Saw UP. Almost saw Drag Me to Hell. It was good. I won't call it my favorite Pixar film but it didn't disappoint.

I found this Pharell production reel. Dig, for in the midnight hour.........I like this beat. Let's say this....before I pass away, I want to spend some quality time in a music studio with another producer.

8:05 PM

Blue Print Research

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So I've been doing some major product research and planning for Indonesia and the month after. I've pretty much cornered my clothing retailers to Ralph and J. Crew. I am not looking to get a lot of clothes. I want to travel light. It's still hard to believe that a few months from now I'll be in Indonesia- the other side of the world teaching & learning.

Back to the research:
Clothing Leader

Why: Soft, durable, quick dry, simple design. I'm not trying to attract much attention and I plan to live lightly on the road/train. Their clothing tends to fit me really well too. I hope that stays true after I put on a bit more muscle.

Another more contentious arena of research has been the camera. A tough thing for me is settling. I general look to find the best and find it difficult to differ to secondary or tertiary options if it is at all within my means to do otherwise. I lost my previous camera during some mismanaged baggage with Greyhound. I lost some great clothing too; I'm talking favorite shirt, favorite jeans, favorite socks, favorite/only khakis. It was a good camera but carting it across Europe showed me that I'd want something smaller. So, there's the struggle. A compact camera with shots closer to the big boys. Well, there is such a category, "Premium Compacts".

The leaders:

Panasonic Lumix DMC LX3

Great picture quality. small form factor. HD video. great lens & processing engine

Canon G10

Great pictures. Very easy/fun to use. auto lens cap. optical view finder

Pansonic Lumix TZ6

Good pictures. Good price. True compact. Good zoom

Each camera has its' strengths and drawbacks. The biggest hurdle for the LX3 is price (also for the G10). The LX3 also uses a lens cap. The G10 is the bulky-somethings I wanted to avoid. The TZ6 doesn't allow as much photo adjustments and I'm not sure how the photo quality stacks up to the other two as it is not technically in their 'class'.

I still have to visit more camera shops and try them out. See how the they feel comparatively. Ultimately, it's up to the TZ6 to win it or lose it. The TZ7 price is too similar to the LX3 for me to not kick in the rest and bump up. The G10 is the underdog. The other picture qualities will have to fall noticeably short for it to pull the W. We'll see how things work out.

The final frontier of product research is the travel backpack. This backpack with have to be durable, able to hold at least 3-5 days of clothes, carry well-waist strap, and have some water protection. Patagonia is leading the race with two offerings.

Patagonia MLC

Has 3 carry modes (including backpack style). carries 3-5 days of clothes, several compartments. lightweight

Patagonia MLC Dawn
Pure backpack design. tight structure. 3 days clothes. padded 15" laptop area

Both have their strengths and weaknesses. I try to think which would be the most handy during the tour of Europe where I'll be moving from city to city, some nights sleeping on the train. It's gotta be something I won't mind carrying back and forth.

There are plenty of days, weeks left toe prepare and try these products out. I'll let you know what gets got.

8:03 PM

Music Reboot

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This dude is interesting to hear talk. Sounds weird, I know. I've seen him in a few interviews and while I enjoy his singing, I'm wondering if I dig his personality. mmhmmmn?

6:25 PM

ill Doctrine

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bit this from http://www.illdoctrine.com/

Good stuff

1:40 PM

Career Paths

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1:24 AM

I Can't Whistle

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10:05 PM

White Turns to Grey Live

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This has been one of my favorite live performances for a while. So, during this study break, I'll have another listen. I wish I could have this in song format. Dude's movements are the funniest thing (old manish) but the sound is no joke. That break down at the end is money.

3:02 PM

Young Ye

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Kanye West In The Studio! from Rob Yung on Vimeo.


2:19 PM

Her Favorite Colo(u)r is Blu

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1:26 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen

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I recently read an article by Art of Manliness that makes me curiously interested the man & woman sitting/blindfold/reading situation. What's up with that?

from: Ye's Blog

Here's the Article & Check out Art of Manliness

The Need for a New Way Forward: Thoughts on a New York Times Article

April 17, 2009

If you're new to The Art of Manliness, you may want to sign up for a daily dose of manliness either byemail or by RSS. You may also want to check out our free e-book on how to be a gentleman in 2008. Thanks for visiting and don't forget to man up!

An AoM reader tipped me off today to an interesting blog post from the New York Times. Entitled, “Dude, You’ve Got Problems,” Judith Warner spends the first part of the article bemoaning the still rampant homophobia amongst today’s young men. This kind of bullying is indefensible, and is an unfortunate aspect of growing up. But it was the second part of her article I found most interesting, particularly this section:

“Boys were showing each other they were tough. They were afraid to do anything that might be called girlie,” she told me this week. “It was just like what I would have found if I had done this research 50 years ago. They were frozen in time.”

Pascoe spent 18 months embedded in a Northern California working-class high school, in a community where factory jobs had gone south after the signing of Nafta, and where men who’d once enjoyed solid union salaries were now cobbling together lesser-paid employment at big-box stores. “These kids experience a loss of masculine privilege on a day-to-day level,” she said. “While they didn’t necessarily ever experience the concrete privilege their fathers and grandfathers experienced, they have the sense that to be a man means something and is incredibly important. These boys don’t know how to be that something. Their pathway to masculinity is unclear. To not be a man is to not be fully human and that’s terrifying.”

That makes sense. But the strange thing is, this isn’t just about insecure boys. There’s a degree to which girls, despite all their advances, appear to be stuck - voluntarily - in a time warp, too, or at least to be walking a very fine line between progress and utter regression.Spending unprecedented amounts of time and money on their hair, their skin and their bodies, at earlier and earlier ages. Essentially accepting the highly sexualized identity imposed on them, long before middle school, by advertisers and pop culture. In high school, they have second-class sexual status, Pascoe found, and by jumping through hoops to be sexually available enough to be cool (and “empowered”) yet not so free as to be labeled a slut, they appear to be complicit in maintaining it.

Why - given the full array of choices our culture ostensibly now allows them - are boys and girls clinging to such lowest-common-denominator ways of being?”

Ms. Warner clearly believes that the persistence of gender roles and characteristics is a lamentable thing, the root of much of the problems that plague our youth. While I disagree with her conclusions, she brings up some really interesting points.

I think for the last few decades we’ve tried the genderless society thing, and it hasn’t worked. And I think today’s generation understands that. They’ve been told their whole life that there aren’t any differences between men and women besides our genitalia, but everything in their own experience, in their day to day interactions with the opposite sex tells them this isn’t true.

Everywhere I go, when I talk to men and women my age (20-something), they want to take me aside and talk about how much they appreciate the Art of Manliness. They feel like it’s touched on something they’ve been thinking about, but haven’t yet been able to articulate. What’s interesting is that many of the people who thank me for the blog are women. Even more interesting is that no matter their background (whether conservative housewife or liberal career woman), they all pretty much express the same thing. They appreciate the advances women have made in the past fifty years, but they lament the loss of men and women embracing their complimentary gender differences. They want women to be women and men to be men. But they’re afraid that if they admit this, they’re being a traitor to women and the advances they’ve made.

And the men I meet want to embrace masculinity and man up, but like women, they’re afraid to. They’re afraid if they do, they’ll be labeled a patriarchal chauvinist.

I sense a growing movement out there of men and women who want to embrace positive gender differences. It’s under the radar and it hasn’t been discovered by the media yet. But it’s growing.

And now to return to Ms. Warner’s article. What we have going on is that young people today have the same sense of things that I just described, but they don’t have any idea what to do about it. There’s nothing out there that helps them understand their feelings and gives them direction on how to channel those feelings in productive, satisfying ways. They don’t have role models to emulate and people to teach them what manhood and womanhood is really about. The problem is not, as Ms. Warner believes, the persistence of gender roles themselves. The problem is that young people want to embrace gender roles but don’t know how to go about it. So you have boys trying to be cartoonishly tough and macho and girls becoming over-sexualized. All they have to go on is caricatures of manhood and womanhood.

For thousands of years the world was set with rigid gender roles, which had some positive aspects, but was also far too often fraught with sexism. Then with the feminism movement the pendulum swung too far in the other direction, attempting to dispense with gender all together. I think this generation wants a new way forward.

Can’t we keep much of the progress we have made, while taking back some of the positive aspects of gender enjoyed by our forbearers? Can’t girls have every opportunity in athletics, academics, and career, while also enjoying the feeling of taking care of her man? And can men not be allowed to enjoy baking and theater without being called gay, to be more hands on and nurturing with his kids and feel okay about crying sometimes, while also wanting to feel like a protector and leader?
Well, enough of my ranting, I thought some of the comments following the NYT article were equally good points. Here’s a few:

“The author’s point about the use of homophobic epithets is well taken, although hardly a revelation to any male under the age of 30. After that, though, the article begins to go off the rails. The underlying point appears to be an aggressive (and, at least by most women I know, disfavored) feminist point of view that gender differences and masculine/feminine identity are inherently evil. The quip about being “stuck in time” was particularly revealing. The notion that equality for the sexes neccesarily brings with it a complete abandonment of gender roles that have been in place for the proverbial “thousands of years” is an outmoded, 1980’s style feminist point of view that I would like to think has been mostly abandoned. Being masculine is about a lot more than “masculine privilege”. Masculintity carries with it a great many positive traits, such as strength of character, responsibility, and courage, and it would be a sad day indeed if we as a nation ever reached the point where the notion of striving to be masculine at all was viewed as negative. Homophobic epithets and social ostacization is clearly not the correct approach, but there is nothing wrong with boys striving to become men.”

- Colin

“Why is it so hard for mainstream kids to feel secure in their sexual identities? We say men and women are equal, but we all know they are not identical. We leave it up to kids to figure out how to affirm their sexual identities, and they do so in very crude and extreme ways, which should not be surprising.

How do we honor men and women in their differences, so that kids can feel confident about their sexual identities and have the room, then, to tolerate lots of individual variation? I look at the movie stars of the 30’s and 40’s and they seem so effortlessly confident in this area. The women and men seem so much stronger then, even without cartoonishly extreme bodies. It’s hard to imagine Humphrey Bogart needing chiseled abs to feel manly.

We’ve lost something along the way, and the absence is causing damage.”

- Mike Oliker

“It is precisely the triumph of feminism which has made emasculation such a potent prospect for teenage boys. While I’m not advocating a return to “Father Knows Best” days by any means, we ought to consider just a few consequences that flow from the radical restructuring of gender in the 20th century. To wit:

1) Single mothers are increasingly heads of household. In some, though certainly not all, cases, poverty, crime, drug abuse, etc. are also present. More importantly, the male role model is now the absent father who flees responsibility.

2) On the same note, monogamy and abstinence, once cultural norms (even if never strictly practiced), have been replaced by the chaotic world of “hooking up.” This tends to favor the aggressive alpha male who can humiliate sexual competitors. Ostracized boys are thus excluded not only from male camaraderie, but also female companionship and love.

3) We have come to the opposite extreme-girls are seen as smarter and better behaved. But boys do not want to be girls, no matter how much feminists might wish to equalize the sexes. Masculinity inevitably opposes the feminine, but now it is destructive, anti-intellectual, coarse and brutal.”

- Mitch

I’d love to read everyone’s thoughts on this. It’s a touchy subject, but I think we can and should have a classy and civil discussion on it.

from: Art of Manliness & The New York Times

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Heaven from JD on Vimeo.

I feel this long-ness. It feels like sadness. This video makes me feel better and the same. Heaven, it's called. Check out more of this guy's (JD) videos.

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this is a fraction of s how that had me ROLLIN'

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