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Further Researched

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Great day
Did more research. Actually found a shop that sells the MLC. Not the dawn, though. Wanted to go play with the G10 at the local Best Buy, but they weren't helpin' out.
Great day anyway
So far, the tally is good. I have a J. Crew and a place to buy the backpack. I can always order the cam online.

Yo, after posting yesterday I did some more Mr. Hudson digging on youTube and I recommend a listen to his 2007 album. Good stuff. I might purchase it...when I get some money. I need to stop using this credit card. Not over balance or anything, I just don't like using it. Today, I bought a movie ticket with it. Saw UP. Almost saw Drag Me to Hell. It was good. I won't call it my favorite Pixar film but it didn't disappoint.

I found this Pharell production reel. Dig, for in the midnight hour.........I like this beat. Let's say this....before I pass away, I want to spend some quality time in a music studio with another producer.