11:36 PM

HawthoRNe & Who/What?

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Just finished watching HawthoRNe (online). It was alright. I think there are really workable plot points. It'll have to work things out a bit more though. The pilot felt like they tried to fit a lot of information and make you care about a lot of people at once.

The music has me thinking about a few things. I'm listening to AKeys "Lesson Learned" now. I think I burn myself. A friend came by and told me I might be stifling my co-workers in my pursuit of perfection for them. Ahhhh, there's the rub-"for them". Hmmmn

I got an email from the Indo correspondent that said the first 21 ETAs got their letters so they can begin their Visa applications. She made it sound like they knew who they were. I guess I'm not one. Maybe it's because my last name starts with a W. Played ball today. No W there. My defense is sharper but my shooting is still off during the game. In the shoot-around afterward, wet. During the game, brick city. Not sure why. I stayed about an hour after just working on the wrist action and penetration.

I'm on my way to the other side of the earth if all goes well. I go alone it seems. I was looking at a previous ETA's pictures. I think this experience is made to be. I thank God for his mercy and grace. Life is awesome. Even if I'm not happy, I'm glad others are happy and growing.

I get a lot of pats on the back. Expectations seems high. I wonder sometimes. I wonder a lot. I'm not wandering. I'm moving in a definite direction. Ha! But, I guess wandering and moving in a definite direction aren't easily distinguishable from the outside.

I wrote today. The key to academic intelligence is understanding relationships. The key to social intelligence is understanding value. Seem backwards? It's not. I think it's a glimmer of the brilliance God has promised. I am not destined for greatness for my own sake. I don't even think it'll manifest in a way socially acceptable or recognizable. It is greatness for God. I realize that I'm a vessel no more sacred than a vase. It's God's spirit and purpose breathing through my lungs and out that generate the power. POWER!