10:50 PM

Lady Heartless

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I really wish I could hear her cover the whole song. Her rendition is so strong it could very well be her song.

Impromptu Extension

I dig this song but didn't when I first heard it. Mostly, I dug it because it was a leak. I dug that. Seemed like Kanye was really wanting people to hear his music. Never mind the sales for the time being; he wanted you to hear the music, unfinished. I think part of the reason that I didn't like it is because I didn't agree with the delivery. I think the song has the wrenching sound in the chorus break but still, the song feels rushed for the feeling it evokes in me. I think this Lady Gaga take is the way my heart feels it. Slowly, like a sobering thought.

I don't think I've ever really had this feeling though. The scenario is not native to my own heart but I have experienced it through others.

It's a sobering thought.

I've noticed a pattern in my relationships. The cycle began in college. Not sure if its emotional immaturity, impatience or ____. I've met some great young women. People I respect, admire, and genuinely care about.

Ummi said once that just because two people are good doesn't mean they are good for each other. She spoke wisdom to me. A wisdom beyond me but welcoming.

Perhaps hearts need fear. Maybe it's like reason's fire alarm. I asked her to put away her fears. Then, I set a fire.

I am sorry. I am not hearless.