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This morning I drove some guys to the airport. On the way up we listened to Drake. I thought we were going to be late. I stopped by a Starbucks on the way back and realized why the caramel crap was a best seller. As I drove back, I decided to seize the opportunity to preview the Radiohead music I had just bought. It also began to rain. The music was so perfect for the ocassion. I tried to describe it to myself and after several trials, I decided on this. Andre 3000 and Paul McCartney had a love child that fell in love with Hendrix's music at a Glastonbury while tripping on acid and vowed to bend more laws. That's a rough interpretation. The drive back was an awesome experience. Words flowed from me. I recorded some, memorized others. I can only make out about 10% of what is being said. I think the lyrics operate best as both poetic accompaniment to be read and enjoyed as well as an accessory instrument. I'm listening to Kid A and two tracks from In Rainbows. My favorite songs right now are Nude & Kid A. I look forward to what spills.

Enjoy Father's day