2:37 AM


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Considering real life

I aught to be happy to go to sleep
But that would be dishonest of me
This day has been beautiful
I guess that means
Beauty is not devoid of its ugliness
Like the little-known golfer
At the well known tournment
I have walked the hills and green
The rough and well trodden
Well behind and ahead notice
I have loved this way
I have loved this path
Even before I knew it
It's beauty was there
Ugly, beautiful, and best of all
honest with me
While walking this course
it has walked my heart and mind
like a sower

This I have harvested
We are all deeply beautiful
which has also to do with how ugly we are
To flee from this truth is to flee from the beauty of life
We are allowed to be, truly
Life is not ours
to give or to take
We are barely stewards
How & ever
Living is of our own making
Live in truth
and you will live a real life