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the Edge

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Make no mistake, I am an iPhone advocate through and through. These new phones and, more intriguingly, new concepts are noteworthy. At this point, short of the iPhone's iPod feature and App Store, I see little exceptionality in the user interface. I'd go so far as to say that HTC and Palm are jockeying for the cutting edge in user experience-centric mobile software.

Just as I begin the waiver in my considering the iPhone as the best available smart phone on the market, I remember something Steve Jobs said when they first introduced the phone in 2007. He said that the iPhone was 3 years ahead of any other phone available THEN. He was right. After scrambling to provide touch sensitive products, companies began to the discover that the iPhone's success was not due to its innovative multi-touch technology. The iPhone provided a simple, rich experience to its users. Having one myself now, I appreciate how much better it is than any other mobile experience I've had or witnessed. And so, as the competition takes note and begins to provide the kinds of services and experiences that place them on Apple's heals, I hear of this: