9:01 PM

Polite Rebellion

Posted by Student/Teacher |

I thought it might be over before it was announced

The state of affairs would have made for the most wonderful comeback story
It would have been a truly historic victory
The headlines would read
"America not for Sale"
"American Maverick"
"Thank You, My Friends"
The speech would have been that of America
and our dreams
and our enduring spirit
and our resolve to succeed no matter the odds
What a story
What a speech
What a president
It would have been
My tears well
My fears do too
What will happen now?
The cheers aren't so loud here
Thank God
But I know they'll come
The irony of racial abuse is that
The other side of the coin is rarely considered
I have not committed my father's sins
But am made to pay for them
Even in my polite rebellion
Yes, this is a historic event
But is that all it is?
Must I celebrate?
I don't agree with what he represents
Not because of the color of his skin
But because of the questionable content of his character
Can you tell me who he is?
Can you tell me who his friends are?
Can you tell me what decisions he's made?
Can you tell me how he's served our country?
Can you tell me what important impact he's made in our country in the past?
Not just for one group, but for our country?
Everyone seemed so ready to celebrate one dimension of him
Hurray, he's black
What else is he?
I hope 52% of America can answer that question sufficiently
I can't help but feel rollercoastered
This has been an incredibly emotional season
I wish his race had not been such a big factor
Such a point of emphasis
I wonder
If the results would have been different
Had America emphasized something else
Had America sought to write something more on their ballot
Had America pointed to something other than history
And given its maverick
Another opportunity to serve
To put Country
Before History

"Sen. Obama has achieved a great thing for himself and for his country.  I applaud him for it.  Whatever our differences, we are fellow Americans.  It is natural, tonight, to feel some disappointment. But tomorrow, we must move beyond it and work together to get our country moving again." 
-Sen. John McCain