12:30 AM

Cool Meet Lonely

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To shoot by love

Since some girl taught me

I can’t choose my love

So I take my watch off

The light still on

Alarm don’t ring

I set on snooze

No charms, no rings

I’m dead on cool

If she don’t concede, she can leave




Somebody tell me that I’m right

Come on


I been goin at it like this too long to be wrong

The time I’ve lost, cannot be re-won

Cannot re-wound

Cannot rebound-ed

U-cate me on how

I’m supposed to be better than I was,

Right now

When what don’t move

Only makes me refuse to budge


Look, I ain’t that used to love


So grudge if you want,

Cause we broke off salty

A couple showers always got your smells off me


But the tears that leave the taste the longest

End up being the bitter ones

So I always feel more acquitted than a quitter

And if you ask me

My way makes sense

Even saves a dollar

Man that’s 2 for 1


Only time I doubt

Is when we get done and she ain’t out

Like she might as well be

Haven’t met anybody I wasn’t willing to give up on

So I get a little jaded with the old love songs

I'm unfinished