10:16 PM

The Show

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Just returned from the #Annual Fall Fest (greek step show).  It was a good show, my last show as a student actually. There was a young lady there that I know. She's physically beautiful. I don't know her heart or mind yet so I reserve unbrideled praise of her 'beauty'.  My advisor made a comment the other day about how I short-change myself socially. For whatever reason, I'm not getting out there enough. Lesson Maybe

While balancing ambitions destined for years into tomorrow, establishing clear lines of priority have meant making some sacrifices. My hope is that while I may be losing out on some experiences, I am gaining a greater foothold on my dreams. It gets tough. Not having a car doesn't make it any easier to break out when there's have a spare moment either. So it may look nice, but the pay off only trickles in at first.