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Inaugural Skirmish

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I'll jog first. My purpose in creating this blog started off rather selfishly. I think now though, that it may prove helpful, at least entertaining for you too. Rather than a peeved journal, or specialized hitlist, my aim is set "Publish Post" squarely on inspiration. Let's leave it up there and not confine this post to any specific genre. Whatever passion, whichever river flows  through thoroughly will be channeled and posted. Here's a poem that came while I was in a 12-passenger van with a few college mates on my way to a conference. It's titled, 

 “The Sun Shines on American Me”

Sun in my eyes, I am America

I smell freedom

I hear justice

I have tasted tear-laden honey

I have felt the heavy hand on my shoulder

I walk on blades of glass

I run the risk

A singular article to follow us

This in my chant

This is my compass

This is my compassion.

A song

A psalm

A prayer to the heavens

Sun in my eyes, I am America