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I fell in like with this thing

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I remember watching the Macworld 2007 when this thing was debut. It was sophomore year and I still lived in Calhoun Courts N5A with Nate. I was absolutely floored by this technology and design of this device. If you didn't know I'm a bit of a techy. I'd been 3 years after getting my first phone that I got my second. I only did a little research and Verizon's inventory was limited. I was moving onto campus for my freshman year of college and decided that a new phone aught to be a part of my new beginning. I dug that phone, an LG VX####. It had these two, loud speakers on the side, a front display and controls for music, and I could read text without even opening it. A super phone, considering my telephonic upbringing. After I got it, I rested atop cell tech for about 2 months. Then, as LG released other version, I became interested in the burgeoning cellphone market. These things were starting to get interesting. January 2007, Apple Inc. dealt a crushing, though still human, blow. The original iPhone was a wow device. There were several drawbacks. No MMS, slow internet, AT&T (I was in a 2 yr deal the Vizo), and the price. The price was the big one. "Can you really charge that much for a phone? It's a phone." I heard that one a few times. I came Apple's defense on many occasions. "Well, I'd say no. You can't charge that much for a phone. But we're not just talking about a phone. We're talking about a wide screen iPod, a pda, a personal internet browser, Google maps, and a phone. The best part is that all this is just version 1. They're gonna keep updating the software to make it better and better. While our phones 'old' in a few months and may be obsolete within a year or so, this thing will be up to times for the next 2 years at least." I can remember the looks. I can remember my own corner of doubt. But then I saw the muscle they were putting into this device.

I loved the commercials. The song was just so simple and great. They even sounded happy =D. They made it seem so useful. "Say you're watching 'Pirates of the Carribean'..." I watched it, found sources like Apple Insider and Mac Rumors, and have been keeping up with Apple every since. It's been an exciting company to watch grow, especially considering it's history. This other video, however, was posted many moons before the iPhone launch. I still wonder what impression it made on Apple.