10:27 AM

MacWorld '09.....sigh.

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So, Apple's final appearance at MacWorld is here and gone. There were a few good things but in this case, the hype leading up to the event was just too high to leave us with that sense of 'wow' that we've seen in the past. To be more precise, it didn't leave us with the sense of 'wow' that we got from the keynote at MacWorld '07 a 'la iPhone debut. There were several good things announced.

The new iLife suite looks great! They have really stepped the bar up with their iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band features. I'd look forward to using them and I know my mom would love them. iWork '09 looks good too, though I'm not very familiar with that set of applications. DRM-free iTunes, great. MacBook Pro 17", gorgeous. I kinda want one now. Will I spend $2700 on a notebook; uhhhh no.

I can see why the pull out from Apple now. Whenever this or WWDC come around, the rumor mill cranks up. People are looking for spy shots, pouring through code, consulting analysts, and all to find out what's next. Apple enthusiasts have been waiting on a lot of things. Improved this; revolutionized that. And with the latest hardware updates, the focus had begun to shift from the software that supports Apple's hardware offerings.

So, okay Apple. No new iMac. No new Mac mini. No new Apple TV. No Tablet. No Media Server. No iPhone nano. It's okay. I understand. On your go then.