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another iDea

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So i had an iDea.
...and tried to recreate it as best as i could. 

I am ever grateful for whatever inspiration comes my way. This is the iDea. Take it as an, "if I could engineer my own take on another apple phone, it'd look like this." kinda thing. Forgive me as this is a very rough photoshop job. I'm a bit tired at this point and feel pleased enough with the raw results to retire for the night. It need not look too finished less someone confuse for an actual. 
As an iPhone owner, I have come to sincerely appreciate the device. On many occasions I've shared these words with those inquiring of life with an iPhone. "How is it?" In a word, 'Phenomenal'. In a phrase, 'It stands as the most useful device that you'll never need.' I could spend a post singing its praises but instead, I'll share my idea for another iteration thereof.  

what makes this one different?
Take everything you know and love about the iPhone 3G and add this

 + Smaller and lighter form factor (feels even lighter in your hand, pocket, or arm band)
 + 800x600 touch display (HD ready baby)
 + Physical keypad (You now have the option of using the physical keys to dial and type) 
 + 5MP front facing camera with flash (improved camera with video and iChat capability)
 + MMS (send and receive picture and video messages)
& Nike+ (Go anywhere with your maps, your music, and your phone)

witness the power of an idea.


Mr. Steverson said...

I think the iDea of a full keypad for the iPhone would make it more attractive to those customers who do not feel comfortable with transitioning to a touch screen only phone. However, I think the addition of the keypad takes away for the overall sexiness and futuristic feel of the iPhone. Maybe if you had the keypad slide out from behind the phone it would solve both issues. That way those who want to use the keypad can, and those who do not want to use the keypad aren't forced to look at it.

Student/Teacher said...

Not a bad compromise