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Often, I criticize artists for re-leasing old albums guised with new titles. The “winning formula” model doesn’t demand a lot of one’s scrotum. What happens though when a Kanye West drops a “Graduation”? Both “The College Dropout” and “Late Registration” have had time to rise and settle leaving stans with eager pallets. So, what does the musical Remy serve next; Ratatouille, of course. At first glance one might think, “Ratatouille? You serve Ratatouille after Peekytoe Crab Ravioli and Lobster Osso Buczco?” Yes. Why? Because you’ve already had Peekytoe Crab Ravioli and Lobster Osso Buczco. It takes you back like senior week on the eve. Yeah, you are graduating! Sometimes you don’t feel the full impact until a few days, weeks, months, years afterward. Whether you realized it while you walked that stage and shook that hand or on way down the on-ramp as you mesh into concurrent traffic in 8:30 sunshine, you’ve graduated. Good Morning. The last two seasons were beautiful. We went from questioning everything to re-evaluating everything. It was live. I’m glad we took pictures. Where are we now though? A little better at putting two words together, dealing with our pros and cons, wondering, thinking outside the jewel case; even with everything we’ve learned since freshman year, we still manage to find our way home. It’s not the exact same. It shouldn’t be. Consider “Graduation” a dissertation. It’s concise yet complicated, hyperbolized yet honest. This is where the students says, “here’s my work. I’ve poured myself into my verse. My heart beat is my metronome. It’s my best work because it’s me now, after it all, during it all, everything I am.” This is 756. Some might think it wasn’t as exciting as 500 or as meaningful as 755, but let’s wait and see when this kind of moment comes back around again. Who’s ready to clap‘em outside the stadium? Who’s stroking something stronger? Often, I criticize artists for releasing old albums disguised with new titles. The “winning formula” model doesn’t take a lot of courage. “Graduation” is different. It’s neither “The College Dropout” nor “Late Registration”. You might not get it all in one day, but you’ll get it all one day. Keep listening and after all that you’ll receive this.  

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