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The Caliber Guide

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I remember when a friend of mine introduced me to this volume. I was wowed. I'd never seen such a comprehensive guide to men's style. Not only were there great products, but there were great stories. There were people. There was philosophy. There was what. There was how. There was why. Inspiration and appreciation flowed. I immediately began a verbal campaign to acquire the book from him. At denial number x, I decided to seek my own copy. I would not find it till the second edition had hit the shelves. When i saw it, I bought it immediately. Since having passed it on, I was joyed at the sight of the third volume just recently. More products, more designs, more stories, more traditions, more philosophies. 

Simply put, I like nice things. Not because someone decided to charge some exorbitant amount of money for them, but because someone spent an exorbitant amount of time and energy to craft it. We all buy things. Someone (or something nowadays) had to make it. What did they consider while making it? What makes their version special? Their story, their effort, their philosophy on it. While many of the products in this volume I cannot afford as a student at present, I am ever confident that the knowledge endowed by learning the heritage and character of the products makes me a connoisseur nonetheless. One day, I will have my Piaget Altiplano watch. One day, I will invest in a few finely tailored shirts. Soon, I will acquire a well made weekend bag. Not just because I think it will add some extra measure of worth to my life; that's not it at all. I want it because I know it is the best at what it does. 

Be the best the best at what you're made for. Know your story. Know your philosophy. Know your heritage. Know your character. And, continue to build a you of the greatest quality and caliber.