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The Notebook: On Assignment

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So I've been sitting on this assignment for months and months now. Having heard all anyone would want to hear about a given film without watching it, I've decided to subject it to the scrutiny of one none to enamored with the expected motif. Hey, I like love stories too. Honestly, though, the only people I'd heard sing its praises were women and girls and yes to be judgmental, I don't think that's a particularly hard demographic to win over with a love story. Hollywood studios stake +20% of their annual profits on this genre/group alone. So I tongue-in-cheeked it whenever the topic would come up, occasionally throwing a doubtful horseshoe into the mix.  Well, I saw it and guess what.

 I watched it on TV yesterday. It’s come on a few times and I’d begun to watch it a few days ago only to write it off very early to watch House or Cosby. They seemed suitable substitutes plus I’d caught it midway. Upon reflecting on the tetchy turn that my like life just took, a nice love story didn’t seem so bad. No matter how inflated the expectation.  

 (By the way, I just took some chicken breast out that I’d cooked only to realize that I’d never seasoned it. Ugh. The cure, hot sauce. The Pinch hitter)

 I watched the move and I knew I felt sorry for Ali first. “Trash”, did she say. Wow! Then I felt sorry for Noah. A funny not here: senior year in high school, I got a letter from Sarah Lawrence College and really thought about going for day or two. Upon visiting the campus map for a fit of “what if” I noticed they have a Sunnybrook Park. Wow now brown cow. Okay back to il film. My despair for him rounded about 75% of the movie. Indeed, she was gorgeous and you could tell in the way he looked at her that it was both great and terrible to have her there when she came back. And then, that elephant in the room for men. What’s best for her, comfort or love. (I’ve gotta write about this sometime in the future.) Sure, the romantic and easy answer is love. She had sex with him didn’t she. Then, what did she say the next day, “I don’t know”.   WOW! Poor Noah, the daydreamer. Poor fiancĂ© too. Both subject to whatever her decision was. I really think that’s why many women love this movie so much. She got to have it her way. She got to choose. The pride in me finds great distaste in letting her choose under those conditions. It says, “I’d take her even though she kinda loves/likes this other guy too. Give her a minute, she’s gotta think on which one of us she thinks would be the best for her so she can make the right choice.”Ahhhh. No! In my admittedly limited experience with love, I’d wager that you cannot honestly love two people at once. That seems the antithesis of feeling that there is someone special in your life. There can’t be sometwo special.

 She picks Noah and the rest of their life comes back in the pictures and the notebook. The movie was great. Those 5 minutes he got her back were well worth however long it took. Who, if given the opportunity wouldn’t endure the same. He was crazy about her. And I felt for the guy. The movie was great. It didn’t break any new ground in the love story motif as much as restore the classic core. Traditional distracters and the love-over-time model really made it hit. The actors made it authentic. He looked like he meant it. She talked like she meant it. I believe them. That’s the magic of the movie. Despite the commercials, I bought it. It made me grimace. It made me smile. It made me wonder. It made me frown. It made me want.